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Linked Paleo Data (LiPD) is a community data framework being designed to simplify the sharing, reuse and analysis of paleoclimate data. By combining a flexible, hierarchical data container with linked data concepts, LiPD lets paleoscientists spend less time wrangling data, and more time doing science.

We’re currently working hard to develop more and better utilities for interacting with LiPD, both for the creation and validation of LiPD datasets, and for tools to interact with LiPD data in Python, R, and Matlab. We’re always looking for more people interested in contributing to the effort.

A technical description of the LiPD framework is available here.

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Christopher Heiser

Application Systems Analyst

Northern Arizona University

Nicholas McKay

Principal Investigator

School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

Northern Arizona University

Julien Emile-Geay

Principal Investigator

Department of Earth Science

University of Southern California

Deborah Khider

Department of Earth Science

University of Southern California



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The LiPD package and website are under development. We are hard at work to get it to you as quickly as possible. We will keep this site up-to-date so please be sure to check back often.


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